Loretta on Location
Loretta on location in Hong Kong
taping a video bit at the Hong Kong Jewelry Show

Companies need to keep their staff up to speed on developments within the gem trade. It's also vital that all of the staff are equipped with the most accurate gem knowledge to excel at their job and provide customers with exceptional service. Since staff members have various levels of expertise and background, often a targeted lecture is the best way to get everyone on the same page, and on par with their colleagues.

Castoro has lectured around the world at some of the most elite jewelry establishments. Her topics range from gem specific content, like the need to know about Burmese Ruby for instance Or they can be tailored to address developments within the trade, such as the supply of Madagascar's colored gems.

Whatever type of presentation your group requires, Castoro can create a valuable lecture complete with images from her exhaustive personal library. Please inquire about the presentations that she has available immediately, or contact us for a consultation of your needs, and we will be able to customize and event just for you.