Expert Lecturer

Loretta travels the world.

Top jewelry-gemstone industries have relied upon Castoro throughout her career to assist them in bringing the most focused and up-to-date gem information to strengthen their brand and educate their employees.

There are few gem experts anywhere in the world who embody the knowledge base and boast the extensive hands-on experience that Castoro has amassed. So it's no wonder that leading firms engage her in teaching their staff about gemology in general and on advancements in the trade regarding gemstone production, enhancements and other critical information.

Castoro developed and presented advanced gemology training and focused seminars for American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). Christies, Chopard, New York and New Jersey Mineral Associations, The Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows, Las Vegas Gem & Jewelry Show, American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) New York Mineralogical Club have all benefited from her customized lectures.

Attendees are enriched by her insightful lectures on Colombian Emeralds, Myanmar Ruby and Jade, along with other gem topics with which she has first hand knowledge.

"Loretta Castoro is one of the most talented people I have had the opportunity to work with in the gem and jewelry trades. Her broad experience, ranging from buying, through gemology, retailing and design is virtually unparalleled in this industry."

Richard W. Hughes
Senior Vice President
Sino Resources Mining Corp. Ltd.

Because the needs of each company or group are unique, Castoro creates original content to meet the goals of each group and its members. After an initial consultation with the company principal, she recommends a customized presentation to achieve their goals. Her insightful lectures transport attendees straight to the source of the gems covered, because most likely Castoro has been there herself.

Through image rich lectures and other types of original presentations, often with Show & Tell aids, Castoro presents vital information in an entertaining and engaging format. Her presentations can be created to serve either a small focus group or to a large assembly hall attendance.

Additionally, Castoro produces lab events for industry professionals where nothing but guided hands-on teaching will do. These sessions of course are limited to smaller groups because she provides individual attention to each member in attendance. In these labs, gemological instruments are employed to facilitate recognition of gems and their characteristics plus enhancements or treatments when that teaching is called for.

Go with a leader who knows her way in and out of mine sites the world over.

For a no-obligation consultation and to discuss how Loretta Castoro can customize an event for your company or group, use the email address located on the Contact Page.