Loretta Castoro has built a personal gem collection over the years from around the world, and she can recall when and where she acquired each stone. Individuals call upon Castoro to assist them with their own personal collection too, which reflect their tastes and unique styles. These collectors add to their own cache as carefully as Castoro has done.

While most collectors will never travel around the world to where the stones originated, they will nevertheless treasure them because they added each stone individually with Castoro's oversight.


Today, rampant consumerism has given way to thoughtful collecting of gemstones and jewelry. Serious jewelry lovers build their collection based on knowledge and careful selection. Castoro curates the collections of many private individuals or companies who are looking for sustained value and verified worth of their precious jewels. This is accomplished in steps as the owner learns more about the nature and rarity of each stone over time. Castoro guides her clients so that the collection will be important years from now—as much as it gives pleasure today.


To build your own personal gemstone and jewelry collection that reflects your unique preferences, we invite you to speak with Loretta Castoro and explain your vision. She will offer recommendations about how and where to begin, and what types of gems are best paired together to establish a world-class collection.

Her curatorial services are invaluable to the private or corporate client who demands the utmost care and attention to their collection. A superb gemstone collection should bring gratification to the client, and be a source of pride for generations to come.

The email address located on the Contact Page is a convenient and quick way to get in touch with Loretta.