Ask the Gemstone & Jewelry Expert

Buying gemstones and jewelry can be a very mystifying challenge for most jewelry lovers. We know what we like by looking at something, but what is it really? How do we assess value? Why are certain similar looking stones so wildly dissimilar in price? What exactly are gemstone treatments and do they impact their value?

These and myriad other concerns perplex jewelry aficionados. There are of course countless websites purporting to know the inside scoop on these matters. But when it comes to something as important as gems, it pays to trust an expert with a proven track record.

An educator at heart, Loretta Castoro loves to be on the receiving end of questions—particularly the difficult ones! This page is her personal invitation to attempt to Stump the Expert. There are no silly or even too hard questions—only ones that haven't been asked. Here's your chance:

If you don't find your question answered below, ask Loretta and if she doesn't know the answer, chances are she knows someone, somewhere in the world who does! Just complete the "Ask the Expert" form on this page and check back often for "ask the expert" updates.

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