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About Loretta


Loretta Castoro is one of the world's leading gemological scientists with a diverse career spanning decades over many continents. Castoro's career has taken her around the globe as a gemstone buyer, as well as designer for some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world.

Loretta Castoro is pleased to share her own collections with discriminating jewelry lovers. Each of her collections represents a culmination of her passion and experience. Using her gemological and scientific background, Castoro acquires only the most valuable and exotic gems. These exciting gemstones are the focal point around which she creates couture jewelry that tells a story.


Castoro's private clients turn to her for world-class gemstones skillfully set into original couture jewelry. The value and quality of each piece she creates is guaranteed. And discriminating public figures and private clients are assured that each piece Castoro creates for them is as unique as they are.

Castoro has invested her entire life and career in the pursuit of knowledge within the gem world. Other trade professionals read about colleagues braving remote regions in search of gems, but Castoro actually goes there for her first hand experience.

Castoro is an often invited speaker for many jewelry groups and gemstone companies. Her expansive background and expertise spanning decades are called upon by companies requiring top-notch education and the latest trade information delivered in an entertaining and easy to assimilate format.

From PowerPoint lectures, to show and tell with visual aids, Castoro brings her audience information that means business, empowering attendees with targeted content to enhance their place in the trade. Castoro creates mini-labs for those desiring hands-on advanced training in a small group setting.

Castoro is the first choice of serious gem/jewelry scholars of every level for her expertly customized guided gem expeditions.

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